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This book is a brief, factual, historical walk through a very interesting time in history. A walk through war and peace as well as sadness and happiness. The international walk of a fabulous female, occasionally in the spotlight – too often in the shadows, until now.

A phenomenal singer, pianist, lyricist, composer, storyteller, glamourous entertainer, woman of the world, friend and last but certainly not least, Mother. Ruth has weathered every storm thrown her way and come out singing and swinging each time as she amazingly tackles a healthy 85 years young this year (2014). With her beautiful smile and hopeful, youthful outlook throughout a life that’s been anything but a walk in the park, she is an inspiration.

We won’t give you the whole story here and now, we hope you will find your way to the websites listed above and order your copy of Ruth’s Musical Memoirs and enjoy the twists and turns of Ruth’s life story.

You will read about the birth of Ruth’s musical, Ring Out the Bow Bells, with 18 original songs. Ruth’s struggle to find an ‘Angel’ to help get it on stage for the whole world to hear the marvellous songs and enjoy the wonderful characters she has created to celebrate the East End of London in all its glory.

Ruth is now happily residing in Los Angeles near her middle daughter, Beth. Her musical talents are being enjoyed as more and more people are realising the very talented woman in their midst .

From volunteering as a Musical Therapist to private exclusive events and guest appearances at LA piano bars... Ruth is still vital and vivacious and thoroughly enjoying life to the full.

She is living proof of her own theme song: ‘You’re Never Too Old – the Trick’s Not to Die .............Till You Do!

We hope you enjoy ‘I’ll Still Be Me’. Please drop Ruth a line and let her know.


Or find her on facebook /ruth.allen.140