A musical play focusing on the age old themes of life, love, longing, laughter and tears - with all their attendant twists and turns. Ring Out the Bow Bells is set in the close knit Cockney rhyming neighbourhood of London's East End.

It shows just what can happen when a community pulls together when faced with threats from developers who want to change their way of life in the name of progress.

It shows how life once was and could be again.

And it shows how love can be just waiting round the corner and has an uplifting optimism best expressed in the words of one song 'You're Never Too Old'.

A cast of colourful characters in the foot tapping, rib tickling, feel good-ing fiesta of musical theatre bounds through eighteen original numbers many of them 'show-stoppers', towards the fantastic full-cast finale.

We defy any audience to leave without the eponymoous 'Ring Out The Bow Bells' theme ringing in their ears. It's a timeless classic whose time has come.

Four songs chosen from the show are here for your enjoyment.

The show and musical score is written by international singer and pianist Ruth Allen, www.ruth-allen.com , a former star of the Astor Club in Berkeley Square in the early '50s and still recording and performing today.

Ring Out the Bow Bells was performed in workshops in May 1995, part of the Covent Garden Festival, and as a charity performance in June 2008 at the Bow Bells Church in London. We hope to announce the theatre where it will be performed - in full - in the near future.

Program from the workshop production.
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All Songs © Ruth Allen